• very stable power supply for all SiPM and Geiger-mode-APD
  • Temperature compensation through NTC sensors
  • Voltage resolution 0.5 mV
  • Ripple: 1mVp-p
  • 24 bit ADC / 20 bit DAC



  • NHS, EHS, VHS modules
  • NIM, Eurocassette and VME
  • voltage resolution set/meas 0.5 mV
  • ripple and noise typ. 1mVp-p
  • 24 bit ADC / 20 bit DAC
  • 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 / 16 channel-versions


EDS 48channel distribution HV modules

  • 48channel 3kV / 500µA
  • Very low ripple <5mVpp
  • independent Voltage control per channel 0-3kV
  • Current measurement per channel
  • Common floating return


NHS 6 NIM Module

  • 6-channel high voltage power supplies 1/12 NIM standard cassette
  • Full front panel control and visualization via a 1.44“ TFT display
  • Remote control via USB or CAN (compoundable)


HPS/LPS 2nd generation

  • high power HV supplies up to 100kV / 10kW
  • high efficiency
  • High end ARC management
  • Filament supply
  • c-charger optional


VDS 8/18 1xx

  • VME 8 / 24 HV channels
  • up to 3 kV / up to 1 mA
  • low ripple and noise
  • Common floating
  • Live insertion capability


EHS 4/8/F 2xxx

  • 4/ 8/ 16 Channels
  • High Precision HV Modules with Common Floating-GND


find high voltage power supply

nominal output voltage
nominal output power
low noise:standard in ripple and noise
very low noise:upscale ripple and noise parameters
ultra low noise:best ripple and noise quality

more filter criteria

supply voltage
Ripple and noise are indictors, how much the output voltage is influenced by noise and overlayed sinus waves of AC. The lower ripple and noise the higher the precision of the high voltage power supply.

low cost:

  • inexpensive for basic applications
  • In case of multichannel systems only one HV-source for up to 24 channels


  • resonably priced systems
  • multichannel systems have a single HV-source per channel
  • Voltage- and current control available
  • Good stability and low ripple and noise

high precision system:

  • high end systems
  • Multichannel systems have a single HV-source per channel
  • Voltage- and current control available
  • Very good stability and ultra low ripple and noise
  • In many cases two measure ranges available

Available interfaces
Case and connector standard

multichannel options

number of HV output channels

common ground (C-GND):
All channels and the processing unit are galvanically connected. Within a crate all C-GND modules are galvanically connected.

common floating ground (CF-GND):
All channels and the processing unit are galvanically connected. The module GND is isolated from the GND of the crate. Within a crate all modules with CF-GND are galvanically isolated. A protection circuit prevents differences in the potentials between the module GND and the crate GND of greater than 60V

floating ground (F-GND):
All channels are galvanically isolated from each other and from the module GND. By default a protection circuit prevents differences in the potentials between the channels and the module GND of greater than 25V. As an option this isolation can be designed to enable potential differences from 200V up to 2,000V.


High Voltage. Exactly.

The iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH company specialises in the development and production of High Voltage Power Supplies for Industry and Research.

iseg's aim is to provide the most precise and cost effective high voltage power supplies in the market. 

Our devices keep ripple and noise within the limits of 10-5 to 10-6 of the adjusted output voltage. By the way of illustration that means, by getting 1000 V  the ripple is lower than 0.001 V. 

iseg - HIGH VOLTAGE. Exactly.

Large product range, high quality

iseg product portfolio  is the most wide scaled on the high voltage market.

Our customers can choose out of 16 different product series and over 600 different product configurations to match the respective application purpose.

To keep our customers satisfied, iseg provides straightforward product support, reminds you on recalibration dates and updates for free. 

Made in Germany - quality for your product application.
Many popular customers already trust in our products.

iseg - HIGH VOLTAGE. Exactly.




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